AHS Region 12 Spring Meeting
The Tallahassee Hemerocallis Society was well represented at the AHS Region 12 Spring Meeting hosted by the Sunbelt Daylily Chapter in Sanford the first weekend in May. Members attending from THS included Opal Howell, Betty Winkler, Nancy Brown, Bill Knight, Mary Ann Van Kleunen, Frasier Bingham, Barbara Boynton, Angela Smith, Donna Warlick, and Keith, Toma and Brent Collinsworth.

The Friday evening meeting was held at Dan Hansen's Lady Bug Daylilies, where there was a great meals and an auction of some of the finest cultivars in Florida. Several THS members participated in judging the Sunbelt Daylily Show. The business meeting was held Saturday evening with guest speaker Lonnie Ward of Upatoi, Georgia. Lonnie educated the group about the names and characteristics of the various shapes exhibited by daylily flowers in the Unusual Form category. Visits to gardens in this daylily mecca were, of course, the highlight of the weekend.

Opal's and Betty's and Nancy's Excellent Adventure
Opal Howell, Betty Winkler, and Nancy Brown had an exciting time at the Region 14 Spring Regional Meeting in Montgomery, Alabama. They toured six gardens. They got to see lots of Lee Gates' beautiful reds and doubles, Jack Carpenter's wonderful eyed daylilies, and Tom Wilson's trademark ruffled, wide-petaled pastels. The garden judges workshop was held at the home of Jack and Amalia Harrison, and by all accounts, was a great event with wonderful southern hospitality.

AHS 2000 National Convention
Opal, Betty, and Nancy also attended the National Convention in Pittsburgh this year. They traveled by bus with the Lake City club and others, and it cost about $600. They are planning to do the same for the convention next year in Boston. Talk to Opal (386-1076) if you would like to find out more about the tour.

THS gets more AHS Exhibition Judges
The number of Exhibition Judges jumped to six this year and includes Betty Winkler, Nancy Brown, Donna Warlick, Opal Howell, Angela Smith and Keith Collinsworth. Bill Knight took Clinic I and became a student in training. This opportunity is available to anyone in AHS who has not met the eligibility requirement for tenure, but who wants to learn more about judging. So go on, take the clinic next spring, and get started.