Meeting of May 15, 2003

The Tallahassee Hemerocallis Society met at the Leon County Library. The topic of the meeting was the annual show, which will be Sunday, May 25, at the Tallahassee Mall. President Angela Cassidy asked for reports from the various committees.

Diana Culver is Show Chair. Mary Ann VanKleunen is in charge of clerks. She has 8 people signed up and recruited 2 more at the meeting. Donna Warlick agreed to provide lists of spiders and unusual forms for the clerks to have in their aprons.

Show schedules were distributed. Members were reminded that seedling entry tags should be stamped with the club's "seedling" rubber stamp. Members were also reminded to report to the Mall on Saturday about 9 PM to help set up the tables. Durward Culver will bring the tables, vases, etc. from the storage room to the Mall. Entries from local members should be at the Mall on Sunday by 9 AM. Members should also bring 10 fans to donate to the plant sale. Angela and Keith Collinsworth will be on the Good Morning show to publicize the show.

The judges will have dinner on Friday evening at Marie Livingston's . Members who wish to join the judges for dinner should tell Donna Warlick as reservations have been made.

The meeting was adjourned.

Donna Warlick