THS 1993 Daylily Show and Sale
The Daylily Show was held on Saturday, May 29, at Tallahassee Mall. Angela Smith was the show chairman. Committee chairs were:

Judges: Donna Warlick, Publicity: Denise Horne, Staging and Properties: Harry and Cecilia Thomas, Classification: David Elkins and Denise Horne, Placement: Susan Coker, Clerks: Sylvia Owens, Awards: Marguerite Snell, Tabulation: Ken Johnson, Education: Pam Brown, Cleanup: Jim and Linda Earnest

There were 568 on-scape entries in the show, which made it the third largest daylily show in the United States.

  THS Outdoor Exhibition at Tallahassee Nurseries, July 10, 1993, a Saturday two weeks after the regular daylily show at the mall.
The outdoor exhibition was the brainchild of Angela Smith, who thought it would be nice to showcase the late blooming cultivars that never bloom in time to go to the show. Tallahassee Nurseries, known for having educational horticultural events, very graciously agreed to host the event when asked. It was advertised in the newspaper in Tallahassee Nurseries' regular Friday ad and in a separate ad paid for by the club ($75). The event was well attended by people who came just to see the daylilies and by Tallahassee Nurseries' customers. The nursery employees kept coming over to look at the daylilies. We sold most of the plants at the plant sale and gave some of the nicer left over ones to Gene Ellis, owner of the nursery as a thank you gift. We had an exceptional educational display, and we picked up about 10 new members as a result of the exhibition. It was hot, very hot, and we closed the exhibit about 2:00 p.m.
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  THS 1996 Daylily Show and Related Events.
  THS 1997 Daylily Show and Related Events.
The show was held May 31, 1997. The picnic with judges was held Friday evening, May 30, 1997 at the home of Dave and Mary Alma Lang outside of Tallahassee. The judges’ gifts were presented at this event since some were leaving after the show, not going to the judges’ luncheon.

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